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The purpose of the meeting of the Houston Claims Association is to conduct business pertinent to the activities of the Association as outlined in the Constitution and By-Laws.  In order to avoid antitrust problems under federal or state laws, members are advised to abide by the
following guidelines in any oral discussions or written correspondence with other members or with any other person during any business meetings, continuing education courses or social gatherings, before or after any business meetings:
No exchange of information concerning current or future rates, discounts, surcharges, rate structures or classifications, losses, expenses or other costs, profits, current or future product design or coverage, any current or future terms of sale or other marketing practices; current or future underwriting practices or eligibility for
insurance, or any other aspects of the operations of any individual company;

No discussions or correspondence concerning prices or labor rates charged by, or doing business with certain suppliers or service providers for the insurance industry

No discussion or correspondence concerning any forms of joint or cooperative action which may have an adverse effect on any person or organization.

All participants in any discussion or correspondence are obliged to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion falling outside the bounds indicated by these guidelines.  Participants are also
further advised to raise question they may have about these guidelines prior to engaging in any questionable discussions.

Houston Claims Association


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